As a kid who loved comic books growing up, of course I used to dream of one day seeing my own comics in print. I even emailed Todd McFarlane my own superhero concepts once, hoping they would fight along side Spider-Man! (he was kind enough to return my drawings with a signed note of thanks and encouragement) ((yes, this was in the pre-Image days, I’m dating myself))

So I’m delighted to announce that Ambush Magazine has agreed to run the “Local Gay Bar” comic strip in its biweekly LGBTQ publication. When I first moved to New Orleans nearly 20 years ago, grabbing a copy of Ambush at whichever bar I stumbled into definitely helped my orient myself to my new surroundings. It’s a pleasure to have my tiny little strip appearing in such a long standing LGBTQ publication across the Gulf South.

I feel my artwork has improved considerably since I started this project, so the first few to appear in the Ambush will be re-draws of some of my first strips. Since the paper is only published every-other week, I should have plenty of time to work on other art projects on the side, and likely won’t get burnt out on Local Gay Bar. I hope to stick around for as long as they’ll have me.

As always, additional content will be posted on my social media accounts, so follow @localgaybar on Insta, FB, or Twitter for sketches and other random stuff.

Thanks, everyone, who’s encouraged this little project 🙂


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