As a kid who loved comic books growing up, of course I used to dream of one day seeing my own comics in print. I even emailed Todd McFarlane my own superhero concepts once, hoping they would fight along side Spider-Man! (he was kind enough to return my drawings with a signed note of thanks and encouragement) ((yes, this was in the pre-Image days, I’m dating myself))

So I’m delighted to announce that Ambush Magazine has agreed to run the “Local Gay Bar” comic strip in its biweekly LGBTQ publication. When I first moved to New Orleans nearly 20 years ago, grabbing a copy of Ambush at whichever bar I stumbled into definitely helped my orient myself to my new surroundings. It’s a pleasure to have my tiny little strip appearing in such a long standing LGBTQ publication across the Gulf South.

I feel my artwork has improved considerably since I started this project, so the first few to appear in the Ambush will be re-draws of some of my first strips. Since the paper is only published every-other week, I should have plenty of time to work on other art projects on the side, and likely won’t get burnt out on Local Gay Bar. I hope to stick around for as long as they’ll have me.

As always, additional content will be posted on my social media accounts, so follow @localgaybar on Insta, FB, or Twitter for sketches and other random stuff.

Thanks, everyone, who’s encouraged this little project 🙂


Raining on our Parade

Unless they’ve been living under a rock these last few days, everyone in New Orleans’ gay community has learned by now that the city’s last two naughty cruising bars – The Phoenix and Rawhide – have been cited for lewd behavior by the state of Louisiana Department of Alcohol and Tobacco Control and are forced to be on their best behavior.

Although the skirmish between the bars and the state is not yet over, we are very likely looking at a New Orleans (the Big Easy!) with no cruisey gay spaces, and no back room bars. This is heartbreaking. (you may recall that our last bathhouse, The Club New Orleans, closed in 2014 – Flex Baths never reopened after Katrina.)

All we can do in New Orleans at this point is try and turn lemons into lemonade. I’m using my frustration over recent events to refocus my efforts on this site and continue working on the Local Gay Bar comic strip. I have a couple other projects in mind, but they are still very conceptual. I’ll definetely share more info as they take shape.

Until then, have fun, grab a drink, and get some head. If you’re lucky, do all three at the same time.

-Adam Radd