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Steamworks – Chicago

My man and I took a trip to Chicago and we decided to walk everywhere from our Airbnb in Boystown. Luckily, there are plenty of gay bars and a bathhouse nearby. After getting socially lubricated at a nearby bar, we headed to the Steamworks Bathhouse. I honestly do not remember much that night, but this is what I do remember. When we walked in the place was CROWDED! Like you could not walk 20 feet without grazing a dick or another guy’s ass. We went up all three floors and explored as much as we could. I was slowly jerking my self as my towel laid on my shoulders. My partner led the way, since he had been there before he wanted to show me the many areas. We walked around for a good 20 minutes then as I followed him, my cock was grabbed by this random horny bottom. He held on to my thick cock and led me to his room. I fucked him and dropped a load in his ass. He kept saying come back anytime and make another deposit. I left to find my partner again, which I was sure would take a while since the place was so crowded and huge. 

I finally found him within a few minutes near the sling room. He had plans to use that sling to abuse my hole as all the guys watched. I got up in the sling and my partner proceeded to lick my hole and cock before getting his dick ready to fuck me. When he did slide into me he did not go slow, he just slammed it in and proceeded to fuck. It felt so good and hurt a bit, but I was loving it. I kept commenting how fucking big his cock was and felt. Also for him to cum inside me. After that was over we walked around just a bit more before leaving. We only got a locker and with so many guys there it was very claustrophobic. I think we will go again during the week, so there is less of a crowd.


Club Columbus – Columbus

I had been dating my girlfriend for a few years and our sex life was always lacking. Like we both got off, but not as often as I needed. I heard about this bathhouse that had anon glory holes where you can get in free if you are under 25. I decided to go and see if this would work for me. First night there I was sucked by 4 different guys and was loving it. After I’d cum, I would shower down and enjoy the hot tub or steam room. Eventually, I would get hard again and enjoy another set of guys wanting my load. This time a guy took me out of his mouth and all of a sudden my cock was in a very hot and tight orifice. I loved it and freaked and quickly pulled out and left to the showers. 

When I came back the next time I thought about what would be so bad to fuck another guy? With a condom of course. This bathhouse has condoms available all over. I tucked a few in between my waist and the towel, I still mess up putting them on and I did not want to have to leave the glory holes and potentially missing out. My girlfriend never found out about my gloryhole rendezvous and I was the most relaxed a 22 year old college student could be.


Club Flexx – Cleveland

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 3 years and we booked an Airbnb for the second and third night trip to Cleveland. For the first night we got a deluxe room at Club Flexx. The plan was to book the room then go out to a local bar, the Leather Stallion Saloon. We arrived by Uber and I ordered a jaegar shot, a beer, and a long island. I handed the bartender a $20 and he handed me back $10! We lucked out and it was the bar’s anniversary. They rolled the prices back to what they were in 1970. So by the end of the night I had 5.3 long islands. I say 5.3 because I gave most of my last one to a random guy at the bar and told him we would be at Club Flexx tonight. 

After Ubering back I get to the room feeling great(I definitely had too much). My partner said he was going to get in the pool then hot tub and to join him later. I was in just a jockstrap by then and said OK. I walked around the place and could not find my partner. (Then again, I never got a full tour and could have missed a whole section of the place) I ended up at one of the viewing rooms and I proceeded to edge a bit. Get myself ready to drop a big load all over my man. I started to feel a bit queasy and I was getting whiskey dick. So I head back to our room to find my partner on the bed watching porn edging himself. I immediately drop to my knees and just start sucking him off. He starts saying that If I keep that up he is going to fuck my ass. (What more motivation do you need?) I start deep throating fully forgetting how much I had to drink. To skip the details, my partner held my hair back as I was praying to the porcelain God’s. 

Overall was a good night, but I will need to control my drinking next time, for the sake of getting dick and not sick.


Steamworks – Chicago

Just a college kid on break up in Chicago and I was hankering for some dick. Grindr and my usual sites weren’t pulling up anyone that was my type or could host that day, so I decided to finally check out Steamworks on Halsted. I had perused the website and stroked to the idea of going there for some anon cock dozens of times in the past, but my STI paranoia always kept me from there.

Thankfully I got hooked up with a cool doc who started me on PrEP and I was confident that I would at the very least not get the worst of it. I’d been edging for a week so my horniness definitely won out that day and I set off.

It was cool going in, no attitudes or weird people stalking. This was on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon so it wasn’t jammed packed, but I was surprised at the number of guys there. Mainly older dudes but my tastes skew that way usually in any case. I showered and rinsed my hard dick in front of two guys checking me out and went into the steam room upstairs.

There, I saw 3 guys standing around chatting softly. We all played this wordless dance of showing off and coming closer, lots of eye contact and body language. Finally, I dropped down on my knees in front of one of them and he presented his hard, thick cock. I sucked on it and the other guys started getting hard and exposed their dicks as well.

I have never sucked 3 dicks simultaneously before or after this day, but the feeling and taste of all three of their cum-covered dicks will last with me for the rest of my sexual life. 10/10 would recommend.


ACI – San Antonio, TX

My first gay bathhouse —

I had discovered what a gay bathhouse was through the internet. Found out there was one in my city. I went and found a labyrinth of sex. Mind blowing place full of mystique and lust


The Club (the “Toulouse Hilton”). New Orleans, LA

In the 90’s I discovered The Club, it was an exciting oulet since I was pretty closeted and had relatively few gay friends. On this particular visit I was in the dumps after recently breaking up with my boyfriend; I needed a distraction. George was the boyfriend of my ex’boyfriend’s roomate, it came as a complete surprise that I ran into him there, I was nervous and seeing George only added to the anxiety. George seemed rather calm for someone that was in a relationship, but yet cruising the baths. We chatted for a while and went our separate ways. I was always curious about George, he’s a pretty attractive, muscular, masculine guy. His boyfriend bragged to every size Queen that George was hung (Interest piqued). By the sounds me and my boyfriend heard at night down the hall, that was pretty evident. It was not very busy at Club NOLA that night. I cruised the halls, sauna, glory holes; no one interested me. Perhaps I was too curious about George. I and came across George several times, each trading glances as if to say “this is a let down”.

Eventually I came across George again as he was unlocking the door to a room and invited me in. I was losing hope of meeting someone and accepted his invitation. Silly, naive me didn’t really understand what the intent of his invitation was until I had shut the door behind me and George dropped the white towel wrapped around his waste. The room was larger than the room I was given, it had a double size bed. As George stood there in the dim light of the room, the intent of his invite quickly became apparent. George had a beautiful thick cock that hung like a horse. He was semi erect and about 8 inches. I was so nervous about what was happening, but instinct took over and in no time I was on my knees choking on his stiffening meat. George sat on the edge of the bed as his huge cock arched forward, now fully erect and easily 10 to 11 inch and very thick at the base. I worked George’s cock until my throat was stretched with his engorged shaft, never being able to take it completely. I needed a break, as my jaw was sore and I wanted to slow things down because he was precuming so much. George pulled me up to him as I straddled his lap, leaving my towel on the floor. With my legs wrapped around his waist, we embraced and kissed intensely. George’s slick, still rock hard cock rubbing my taint and ass crack, the fat head occasionally grazing across my hole that was on fire for him. We made out passionately for what seemed like forever. Finally he whispered the words I was hoping to hear “I want to be inside of you so bad”.

George rolled me on to my back as he fumbled around for condoms and lube. After rubbing his huge head on my hole, he had me gaping and wanting him so bad. George suited up, lubed up my hole and probed my hole with several fingers to help me lossen up. The anticipation was killing me, what I had been curious about for months left nothing to my curiosity. I was about to experience what I never imagined I would. George was very passionate, something I didn’t expect from a bath house trist.
George rubbed the head of his huge piece of meat on my hole as I lay on my back, I was mostly in disbelief about what was happening. Not only was I having sex with a hung stud, it was happening in seedy bath house that wreaked with taboo… And he was the boyfriend of my ex’s roomate!

George took his time, I felt he was familiar with having to take it slow. I wanted it all so badly and quickly, but I knew my capabilities, and knew it was going to take some time. I never seemed to be able to relax enough to take him fully, becoming aware that he was becoming soft. He pulled away, stroked his cock hard again as I presented my hole to him, placing my legs over his shoulders and raising my hips higher. George pushed the head in but I was much too tight to enable him to go further. With mini strokes he tried to open me up as I tried to relax. I was able to take about half but was becoming frustrated and tried to reassure myself that I could do it, it was just that I had never taken a dick so large. George was going soft again but we didn’t give up. As I lay there on my back with my calves resting on this hung studs shoulders, he patiently stroked my hole with his fingers of one hand and stroked my cock with his other. I stroked his sheathed cock with my hand and felt we would just resort to beating off. As I stroked George’s cock I eased off the condom and resumed stroking his cock, feeling the slick precum coating the head of his cock. George began stroking his own cock as he stroked mine with his other hand. George would tease my hole by grazing it with his slick cock head, each time leaving my in heat hole gapping and my heart pounding. Something inside of me woke up, there was an intensity that felt foreign but exciting, passionate, and slutty at the same time. I felt more relaxed and at ease by now. As George grazed my hole again with the fat head of his precum covered cock, I placed my hands on his butt checks and with a quick force pulled him to me. George’s thick, pre cum covered cock slid inside of me with no resistance like before, it was quick but felt like minutes as I felt every inch of him slide in until he was buried in me to the balls, I spread my legs wider hoping to take more but could feel his pubes rest against me. I think we were both in disbelief, but some how relieved that our patience had paid off. All sorts of thoughts raced through my head. What am I doing? Am I crazy? I’m lying here on my back in a seedy bath house with my ex boyfriend’s roomate’s, boyfriend’s bare cock in my ass! The whole idea freaked me out but turned me on at the same time. So many thoughts were racing through my head. I had two choices it seemed at the time: Get the hell out of there or give in to my hidden desire and go with it.

My hormone driven needs prevailed and I looked George in the eye as he gave me a nod of approval. The warmth of his cock deep inside of me was something I never experienced, George began thrusting in and out sliwly, picking up the pace and we fell into a nice rhythm, kissing and giving in to our desires, it seemed now that he was in me and we could feel each other so intimately, there was some kind of intense connection. I was completely relaxed and open, George remained hard. I had never taKen such a large cock. The warm and full filling was overwhelming. We eventually changed position with me kneeling on the edge of the bed as he stood behind me and slid his bare cock in my ass. The sight of us in the full length mirror to our right was like watching the best porn I had ever seen. Seeing myself in the mirror, it occurred to me I had awaken a beast inside, I felt so submissive to this stud that was rutting my hole with his raw cock. I lost all inhibition and became his. As if the intensity couldnt heighten anymore, George opened the door to the room where a small crowd had gathered apparently from hearing our lustful session. George resumed his pace and asked me so everyone could hear if I like taking his raw dick. It became apparent that George was enjoying the exhibition, His cock felt harder, I could feel and see the sweat on him in the mirror.

George’s pace picked up, I couldn’t believe how loose my hole had become and how he was pulling out to the head then slamming back in balls deep. He told me he was getting close, but I didn’t want him to cum, I was enjoying it all so much. George then says, I’m about to cum. I knew there was no turning back, the beast within me wanted his seed. As if without thinking, I spontaneously told him to bareback my hole, to breed me. George’s cock got even harder and he pushed all the way in and began grunting. I could feel the pulses of his cock as he shot his load deep in me. I came without touching myself as I was edging for hours, I exploded, it was intense as George’s fat cock was putting pressure on my prostate. George slammed the door shut and fell on top of me out of breath. We lay there still locked together like two dogs in heat. I don’t recall falling asleep, but we woke up a few hours later wrapped around one another. His cock had slipped out in our slumber. The morning was a little awkward, we showered and went our separate ways on Toulouse. I’ve never seen George again.



The Club. New Orleans, LA

I was 21 on a trip w my parents. I left them in the casino and said I was going to walk to the quarter. I don’t even remember how I found it, was obviously before the internet. How did we do it then? Phone book??
Anyway, I walked in, got my room, put a towel around me and went for the first round of cruising. I immediately saw this super cute young guy who was working at the place, like the clean up guy, he made eye contact and lured me into a vacant room. He sucked out a load smiled and went back to work. The fastest first load I ever dropped in a place like that.


I never went Club New Orleans but I have went to some many gay bath house in USA. Streamworks, Flexx, Chute, gay/ straight Tijuana movie theater.
if any one wants to go in with me as a gay partherships, own, and operating gay bath house in New Orleans. pls email me.


The Club. New Orleans, LA

I used to be a courier in Atlanta, and about once every other week, I’d take a bunch of packages from an industrial supply company in Atlanta to the UPS hub in Jackson, Miss. in a box truck rented by my courier company.
On at least five occasions, after I delivered in Jackson, I’d head straight for the Quarter to one of my favorite places in the world: Club New Orleans. Not exactly on the way back to Atlanta!
I’d stay there as long as I could, having as much fun (and dick-getting) as I could. I so loved being out on the top deck, smoking weed, naked as the day I was born, and letting the hot sides come to me. Those were great times!!!


The Club. New Orleans, LA

Worth a 330 mile (one way) trip !


The Club. New Orleans, LA

the club rocked i had no idea it had closed down!


The Club. New Orleans, LA

Took my husband there on his birthday because he wanted to do something “different”. While he was fucking me in a sling I noticed the silhouette of some guy watching us from the open stairwell. With the light behind him I couldn’t tell who he was. It was hot! Then we both realized, at about the same instant, that we knew each other. Didn’t bother me that he was a straight, married colleague! But I do think it bothered him. It’s been about 15 years, we still work together, and neither one of us have ever mentioned it.


The Club. New Orleans, LA

I only ever went once, and I literally just toured the building and then got in the hot tub for about 10 minites before leaving. I wish I could have embraced the hoe life when I was younger, but it’s just not for me. I’m more of a “making love” kind of guy. I enjoy watching other guys fuck, though. The place was dead when I went, so I didn’t even get to watch.


The Club. New Orleans, LA

I fondly remember being very tired in the French Quarter and i had lots of time before work and i didnt want to go home so i rented a room at the Club and slept for almost 7 hours. Unbothered. Locked up in my room. And i woke up and went about my day. Fresh as a daisy. Lol. Oh man i miss that place…


The Club. New Orleans, LA

It was never the same for me after Katrina when the city forced them to remove the 140 year old wooden staircases and replaced them with steel and concrete. True the place had been a fire deathtrap but the modernization seemed so wrong to me. ( I’m not sure many of us realized what a horrific fire-trap that place was. Especially with those original, probably, Ante-Bellum staircases. )

The best time I ever had there was, ironically, the last time I ever went – the Sunday of Decadence before it closed, about 3 pm, when I had no idea it was about to close. The most gorgeous Japanese man asked me to fuck him in front of his friends on the platform on the top floor that opened up onto the roof. I did and they watched, and it was sublime.


The Club. New Orleans, LA

l’amour l’amour toujours l’amour


The Club. New Orleans, LA

I lived in New Orleans for a few years but worked out of town. One night after taking party favors I spent the majority of 16 hours giving and receiving the best blow jobs I have ever had. While I have grown out of the phase, the experiences still give rise


The Club. New Orleans, LA

I had a friend in town who was a Minnesota Vikings fan the night before the Saints played in the NFC Championship game.  We spent the entire night at The Club and slept together in one of the “deluxe rooms.”

I just remember the irony of getting showered and ready at the bathhouse for brunch at Commander’s Palace the next morning.  We all know how that game turned out though!


The Club. New Orleans, LA

I used to work at Cafe Maspero’s on Decatur and Toulouse and just next door on Toulouse was the Green Door (bath house). I guess it’s still there. Well, as everyone who’s been down there knows, when Maspero’s is busy, the line to wait will stretch out the door and down to the corner of Toulouse. Then during Decadence, we watched as the line from the Green Door stretched out the door and down to the corner of Decatur; butting up against the line for the restaurant! At that point, I don’t think they were bathing in water anymore.


Club New Orleans

I went in the 90’s. Usually after partying at Pub, Oz, Lafittes. I still remember getting the best BJ I’ve ever experienced from a really hot guy at ‘The Club’. Lol, but yep.


Club New Orleans

I had visited the Club a few times over the years and never met anyone or had any fun.  One year, I tried again on Mardi Gras day and finally figured out what all the fuss was.  I played around with 3 or 4 different guys including this outrageously sexy dancer from New York.  I’ll never forget how hot he looked walking around in that towel.


The Club. New Orleans, LA

One night a co worker and I went and got absolutely obliterated after our shift, after losing him I ended up crashing at the baths. when I woke up in the morning and realized where I was, I decided I might as well go have some fun. I went to the amphitheatre and saw this hot older daddy playing with the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life. Like this thing was at least 14inches and think like a tube of deli meat. It was super hot but all I could do in my hungover state was ask to touch it….


Club New Orleans

First time I ever experienced playing with someone who was rolling. Three of us were playing around when the top asked me to finger his ass. Started with one finger but he kept asking me to put more fingers in him. Wasn’t until I was forearm deep that he was happy and asked how many fingers I had in him. When I told him my whole fist was in him he told me I was a liar, as he was a top and couldn’t handle that much in him. The other guy confirmed to him that he did in fact have a fist in him. He had me pull out because he reiterated he was a top and had never had more than a finger in his ass before.


Flex. New Orleans, LA

My very first night in NO went to Flex and participated in my first orgy


There was also the Camp Street Baths, and the Decatur Street Baths,


Midtown Spa and Flex. New Orleans, LA

Unfortunately, Tues. and Wed. nights were the busiest, because people from the region came to the baths, spent the night and then went to their doctor’s appointment at C100 at Charity… yes, the HIV/AIDS clinic.
These nights were very active…and no condoms were seen being used.
So sad…but some people were slow learners.

Former location of The Club, in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Closed in 2014.